Welcome, to the Beginning
of Zeppelin Beach

Zeppelin Beach is in the first development stages of life.

Born on Valentine’s day, Feb 14, 2019, we are now in beta v 0.0. Our elves are working madly behind the scenes to build the infrastructure for this site. We’re excited to share with you all the great features that will be rolling out over the next year.

Currently, This site is in Beta Test Mode.

What is Zeppelin Beach?

We are a crowdfunding platform for the distribution of short films. That means we provide a platform that makes it easy to create pop-up Movie Theaters and Mini-Film Festivals. This gives Short Film Producers the freedom to expand their audience locally and in cities around the world. Film Makers can create their own Film Festivals any time, in any city they have an audience big enough to bring to a small theater or restaurant.

There are many crowdfunding platforms that raise funds to help filmmakers make their movie.

Zeppelin Beach raises funds to help filmmakers distribute their movie. We will start locally in the SF Bay area, and eventually, create a network of theaters so you can build your network to distribute and promote your short film in other cities and states.

Making a Movie?

Collectives and Companies

Movie Makers, Collectives and Companies

To start, we will only be working with members of the film making collective Scary Cow.

However, we are here to support Movie Production Collectives, Independent Makers, Film Festivals and Production Studios.

So, if you are a filmmaker but NOT a member of Scary Cow, email us and we will put you in touch with a Scary Cow member. You may find that you can collaborate and create a mini-film festival together.

Dinner & a Movie

Pop-up movie houses

Dinner & a Movie

Our pop-movie festivals will be held in restaurants, cafes, back rooms of bars, or small theaters. You will get to enjoy a delicious dinner or a fancy dessert while watching a movie with your friends.

Zeppelin Beach will give you the ability to pre-order your food online, get your personalized swag bag, and then enjoy a lovely dinner.
After dinner, the lights will go down and you will be treated to an exclusive indie movie, typically, in a romantic private venue, with wine and a delicious dessert.

Your Gift Bag

For you, the audience

Your Gift Bag

For the audience, we will package the movie together with exclusive gifts to support the struggling filmmakers, writers, actors, and crew. Typically, these are one of a kind items and could be anything, from dinner with the filmmaker or actors, to props off the movie set, or small run hand-painted t-shirts, to art from the set designer, to Internet swag, like selfies with the cast or crew, and much more. Choose your gift bag online and pick it up in person at the event.