Hello and welcome to Zeppelin Beach (Beta), crowd funding for events.
So, what does crowdfunding for events mean?

Normally when a person puts on an event, a great deal of preparation is involved before they even know if anyone is going to show up. They have to rent the venue, pay a deposit for the talent, hire staff, rent equipment, pay for insurance, put together the bookkeeping, and organize and pay for an advertising campaign at least four months to a year before the show opens. (sometimes 2 years)

Then they work as hard as they can, right up to the day of the event and cross their fingers and hope that enough people show up to make the past year worth the effort. If no one comes they feel like an idiot and all their work and money and time is wasted. Perhaps, if they had rented a smaller space or not hired so many clowns it would have been successful. Who knows?

Crowdfunding for events reverses this process. With Zeppelin Beach you get the people first, and when you have enough paying members you put on the event. You know what size of space to rent and you know what kind of equipment and staff you need to hire, you know the exact budget for catering and you know it will be successful because you know exactly how many people are going to show up.

If not enough people signed up, then no one is charged any money. The people who bought tickets get their money back and the organizer of the event can re-think the idea and try again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re showing movies, putting on a music concert (or gig), putting on a live show, you could be teaching seminar or hosting a pop-up restaurant or organizing an expo, we all go through the same struggles.

At Zeppelin Beach the limits are your imagination, so if you’re curious and you want to go to an exciting event, click on the “Explore” button, and find the event that’s right for you.

If you want to create an event, click the “Create” event button and you’ll be shown as overview of how it all works.

Also, if you have a service, or venue, or a product. To provide to our event organizers then click the work button to get hired at one of our events.

Thank you and from all of us at Zeppelin Beach:

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