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Developing Synesthesia - Painting portrait of your emotions

What is this?
At first, it may seem silly, “It looks like I’m putting random colors on to a canvas,” but in reality, it’s much deeper than that. Anyone can learn to identify their emotions’ as colors, shapes, movements, temperature, textures, smells, tastes, sounds, and even personalities with desires and rules of conduct. By identifying and working so intimately with your emotions you become far more self-aware. After a bit of meditation, painting portraits of your emotions allows you to understand the complexity and depth of those feelings. You are literally developing a relationship with your self. As you turn uncertainty to clarity you become stronger, more self-confident, and your outside relationships become easier to understand and work with because your inner-self is aligned and fortified. 

Portraits of Emotions
We explore topics such as healthy living, healthy loving, finding your path & emotional management, personal development, self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, truth, authenticity, vulnerability.

What is Healthy Loving?
Everyone knows what healthy living is, but what about healthy loving? As we gain a deeper awareness and control of our emotions, instead of being off-balance and scattered, self-awareness allows us to become centered. We develop the space to understand and work with those around us that we love. So instead of living in confusion about what’s truly going on and growing apart, we develop clarity about what you truly want. This is really the only way to sustain life long relationships. Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.” This is why we spend time painting portraits of our emotions, to gain wisdom of ourselves. 

Big Picture 
-- "Know thyself," two ancient words carved into stone at the temple of Delphi.
Developing Synesthesia and painting your emotions will lead to some of the most profound insights into yourself. Although we are taught to think of our mind and body as being separate when in fact they are one. Mind, body, emotion, and wisdom all flowing together to make up you. Yes, the body has wisdom and emotions form shapes. This workshop teaches you how to unify the mind and body, and to transform your emotions into shapes, movements, colors, and sounds. 

Usually, people are aware of different mild levels of emotional synesthesia. At the very least a person can imagine sound having a color. 

Question: If the sound of a trumpet had a color what would it be? If you can answer that question that you can develop your synesthesia. 

We teach how to identify your emotions and their color, their shape their vibration. Then you can take the emotions you see in your mind's eye and draw or paint them.

Emotions are there to protect you, through developing a relationship with yourself you can unify all your inner self so all your emotions, habits and behaviors work together toward a single goal. And that goal is why we were put here on the Earth. 

But what I’ve just been describing is the map and the map is very different than walking the path.

Painting your emotions is one of the most powerful methods for empowerment through self-awareness and self-healing.

Emotions are only a problem when they clash with other emotions. by developing your awareness of your emotions they stop clashing  Spending time getting to know them, their triggers, their patterns, their desires, 

By developing your synesthesia you will gain the power to influence your emotions to choose which emotions, people and environments you want in your life. The ultimate goal is to find your life’s path if that is peace and tranquility, or if that is being a part of the struggle, that is what you’ll find in these portraits of your emotions. 

So, no these are not just silly blobs of color on a canvas. These are portraits of your emotions.

Over the weeks we guide you in different ways to coax out a variety of emotions within you so you can paint emotional portraits as you are now. We are not one emotion. We are all the mix of emotions working together. 

To do this we introduce to techniques such as:
Who are you? and What do you want?
The Power of Gratitude
Emotional Democracy
Triggers - Identifying triggers and patterns.
Exploring your fears at a safe distance
Inner body focus and movement
Making Anger Whole
Discovering your story- the power of words.
Finding your superpower
We also collect images and shapes, alone or on group walks, because emotions are not always confined to a classroom.

You’ll discover an inner strength never knew were there, the goal is to find the inner wisdom that allows you to be in the best place for where you are right now, where you should be and want to be. This type of self-awareness helps in many ways. For example, it gives you the strength and wisdom to properly help those around you and instead of having your efforts drain your feelings, as so often happens. When you help those you love it should give you strength and energy.

The Showing
Every 3 months we put on a showing. This is where the students tell the story about the art.

This is a party where students present their work to the world and tell the story behind the art. We work with you to tell your stories. This show is completely voluntary. We encourage people to share their stories. Being able to share your story is your birthright. It is a power that comes from your ancestors. Sharing our stories is the thing that has made humans the most powerful animal on the planet. Allowing others to tell our stories may be the thing that destroys us. Returning to simple human to human storytelling may be the thing that saves us. 

Event Date: Begin: 04/05/2020 - 05:00 PM
End:    05/10/2020 - 10:00 PM
Location: City of Corte Madera, Corte Madera, CA 0


We will convert a space into an art studio. The size of the space depends on the size of the class.
We will meet for 5 Saturdays starting on April 5th, from 1 pm to 5 pm
If there are any questions please call or text 510 501 8962.

8 people min. to 16 people max.
6 Saturdays from April to mid-May
$425 for the Introductory class - plus supplies
$325 for ongoing classes.
Ask about group discounts

Physical Difficulty
Weather permitting we may go on hikes to collect inspiration, or perhaps we will explore movement to music. Generally, the physical activity in this workshop is mild. It depends on the motivation and capabilities of the members of the workshop.

Working with others:
Sometimes others can see things that you can't see. So, besides working individually, we may work together in teams to bring out those issues that you simply cannot see from your current perspective.

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Developing Synesthesia: Portraits of Self Awareness and Empowerment
Event Date: Begin: 04/05/2020 - 05:00 PM
End:    05/10/2020 - 10:00 PM
Location: City of Corte Madera, Corte Madera, CA 0
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