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Crowdfund to begin a Collective of Internet Artists (!c)
Basically, we help each other create content as Internet Artists.
Think Bruning Man for the Internet
(Of course, it's not just for Instagram. It's for all Internet Artists.)

Fundamentally, if you want to do anything these days the audience you bring with you helps you. Actors are cast for movies based on how big their internet following is. Models have been given jobs based on their instagram feed. From movie directors to DJ's, From writers to comedians, from fashion designers to painters, if you are in the arts, your social media following can make all the difference. This is not just because they follow you. You also get feed back from the people who love your work.

The Instagram Collective is a group of internet artists. The focus is on creating great content photos, video, live streaming, and more. We do this by the creation of games, flash mobs, flash concerts, collective human art projects, writers collective, events, music videos, streaming live bloggers, short movies, art shows, and much more. 

The collective focuses on supplying you with great content for all your social media platforms.

We bring together models, and photographers, musicians, dancers, painters, writers, directors, comedians, hair and makeup artists, and others.

The !C School
Worlds first school for internet artists brought to you by Myth-2-Table.

What do we do as a collective?

For everyone, we build a body of content. There is no more important first step to building a large following than producing great content, through games and collective art projects. We build a vast amount of content for you. You may have great content, and not have any followers, but as an internet artist, NO ONE has followers without content your audience wants to see. So it starts with great content.

The next step is recognition. We build recognition with our members. If you have great content and recognition, then you will increase your impact as an internet artist.

Community: For some people, it’s not about chasing the numbers to a billion followers, but developing a community. For many internet artists, they want to find their community of 10,000 to 100,000 people and focus on them.

What The Collective Also Offers
1. Library: We have a small but growing library of equipment from microphones to cameras and lenses that members can check out for free, (in most cases), if the member needs extra equipment for a project.
2. Share Free Content: As a Collective Artists we choose to share the content their with each other, with attribution. This way all our artists A. have access to a body of free content and B. have their content exposed to more people.
3. Straight Stuff and Fun Stuff. We mix a combination of standard ways to connect with an audience, like showings and meet and greets, with fun stuff like Treasure Hunts and Flash mobs to give our members exposure.
4. Networking with other Artists & Internet Artists We mix a combination of standard ways to connect with an audience, like showings and meet and greets, with fun stuff like Treasure Hunts and Flash mobs to give our members exposure.
5. Collective Showings: artists will also put on shows together, for example a storytellers, fashion designers and a painters can work together and put on a fashion show with a story teller in a art gallery. Each getting an event they can put on social media.
6. And MORE: We will be constantly changing and adapting to work within current technologies and trends.

Whatever your goal as an Internet artist, the Instagram Collective will help.

We are born Tribe! And the Tribe supports itself?
So often beginners think it's easy, they think talent comes easy. "Just make a video, and it will go viral, right?" Then after some time, they become overwhelmed when they realize the skill it takes to build the talent, so they quit. Our experienced members will guide you through the tough spots and help you build a road map for how to turn your good ideas into stunning content.

1. For all levels, we are continuing education. Trends and technology are continually changing. We help you keep up with that.

2. For Beginners and Intermediate, we teach you the basics from the technical aspects camera work to inspiration and story development to comedy and much more. (and yes we teach SEO, and

3. Based on demand, we offer special classes on specific topics, such as:
----- How to bring out the truth: often, when people step in front of a camera, they become stiff and self-aware or worse they pose for the camera. This is fake, and it shows up on the camera. We show you how to find the truth, which brings out the real you.
----- Finding the Magic: the MANY benefits of Improvisation. With careful planning, an artist can get stuck, with improv alone you can get lost. Using the zen techniques of mixing planing but also staying in the moment and being ready when an opportunity arises will give you better content, then you could have thought of.
----- Technical building blocks: you become proficient at topics like idea inspiration, writing, comedy, drama, charisma, camera & lighting, modeling, developing your brand, storytelling using a camera, editing, and much more.


Big picture: What are we doing, really?
In the early years of Motown 1959, they took talented people and with the guidance of Berry Gordy and the inspiration of being around other talented people Motown took people with raw talent and turned them into superstars like:
The Jackson 5
Diana Ross & the Supremes
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Gladys Knight & the Pips
Marvin Gaye

Right now, we are in the early years of the "Internet Artist." Although most have not yet broken through to mainstream recognition, that day is coming. MANY internet artists have an incredible amount of raw talent. There are also those who could be amazing, except they lack support, the structure of an organization, and guidance. This is how a collective supports each other, focus, education, being with other talented people and hiring each other (because when a job comes up, they know you, they know you’re talented and fun to work with.)

Event Date: Begin: 03/07/2020 - 05:00 PM
End:    03/07/2020 - 10:00 PM
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, Ca 94105


Sign up for membership of about $2 a day and you will have access to weekly events to help you create weekly content. Photos, Live streaming, movie production, the making of music videos, and more.
There is a $20 one time registration fee.

Membership fees go to maintaining the organization, our equipment library where people can check out the equipment we have for free, and lowering the cost of productions and classes for members.

Why Join:
There are other groups that are related to this, however, they meet once every few months. And they are not focused on building visibility for Internet artists. We will give you the volume of content you require as well as tips and tricks to make a living as an Internet artist.

How it works
Meetings are organized online through zoom.
Members can pitch ideas to the group.
Our staff organizers make sure things flow smoothly.
The events happen both indoors and out.
Photographer and videographers share the content with content talent,
We meet in-person to and film around once a week

The Project Director/Artist works with the staff to fill all the positions needed.
Most projects are done here in the bay area,
Some projects require a road trip, (or plane trip)
We help people synchronize vacation days
We also set up stays in low-cost accommodations like hostels
So members can create amazing travel content.
So keep your passports current!

Making Income Now
"Show Business" is a business. If you don't focus on the business aspect of this then it's a hobby. We work with you to begin the process of building an income during the class. There are 6 main ways to bring in real money as an internet artist. We show what they are and start you on your way during the class.

We work with you to find the right path.

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Membership to the Instagram Collective
Event Date: Begin: 03/07/2020 - 05:00 PM
End:    03/07/2020 - 10:00 PM
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, Ca 94105
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